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Key Factors That Affect Light Box Sign Prices

A custom signage design is an important marketing tool that promotes your brand or message. Light box signage is becoming increasingly popular these days. You can't unsee them after you've seen them, you’ll find yourself talking about that ‘signage design near me’. More significantly, it increases footfall, giving you more consumers.

Custom Signage Design In Hertfordshire

But you must be wondering about light box sign prices in Hertfordshire or what the prices of custom signage design in Hertfordshire are. We, at Herts Signs, are a leading custom signage design & manufacturer in Hertfordshire and understand that price is, indeed, a huge deciding factor when it comes to selecting the right signage design. We are more than happy to shed light on various factors that impact the price of custom signage designs in Hertfordshire. Because, In terms of price and expense, no two signs are the same.

Custom Signage Design in Hertfordshire

1. It's All About The Size!

One of the most important variables that affect the lightbox prices is its size. It should go without saying that the larger the project, the more resources, and materials it will need to complete. Obtaining large custom signage design solutions likewise necessitates more effort and time. As a result, the bigger your order, the higher the price.

2. Shape Has An Important Role To Play

It is stated that an object's shape dictates its value. Manufacturers invest unique design and processing efforts into each product they create, and it is these efforts that determine whether a product's price increases or decreases. It's self-evident that intricate shaped signage designs require more effort from the maker and are therefore more expensive. Whereas round and square-shaped alternatives are less expensive to create.

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3. The Material

The role material plays in the design of light boxes is an essential element. It determines how much a box costs, where it can be placed, and how it works. These factors are fundamental to the design and configuration of all boxes. They are what sets the price and demand for a light box once it's on the market. The materials used don’t just have an effect on how much a Light Box costs when ordering but also its eventual value.

Light Box Sign Prices in Hertfordshire

4. Complexity

The price of a light box sign is determined by several factors. Extra details, such as lighting, will make a significant difference. A list of key features expressed in the price of a led light box based on complexity can be found below.

  • Quantity

  • External vs internal

  • Full vs partial lighting

  • LED vs other light bulbs

  • RGB vs. no RGB

5. Effect of Artwork

Designs are used to enhance and customize the platform's appearance. Lightbox sign prices will vary depending on visual detail quality. Elegant designs require meticulous work, advanced software, and high-quality printers.

Custom designs are more expensive than standard cut vinyl. The difference is usually small, but it depends on the artwork’s complexity.

6. Impact of Colour

If you look closely, you can see quality differences in both coloured and black-and-white cabinets. So, how much does a light box sign cost by colour? Again, it depends on the desired level of refinement.

These require more advanced colouring tools and offer more options. Contact us for a free consultation.


Light Box Signs illuminate your company and draw attention to it at all hours of the day and night and thus have a big impact. These outdoor signage and displays are an effective way to acquire visibility and success. They're a worthwhile investment that will quickly pay off.

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