Signage Makes a Comeback, Along with the Event Industry Post Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic wrecked havoc and set loose chaos in the world, which brought life to stand still in almost every aspect. The hospitality and events sector has been hit harder than most by the pandemic. Due to the nature of the virus, large gatherings were the first thing to be canceled and the last thing to have been resumed. But the world is gradually picking up pace now. The Live Events industry is slowly returning, with venues gearing up to be used again. With them, an important segment of events reappears as well: Signages.

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Event signage may seem like the most basic of all event details. But it makes the entire attendee experience smooth and comfortable, resulting in smooth event management. Get signage wrong or not have them in your event, and your entire attendee experience is at risk. Proper signage will have questions that can be easily answered with the presence of appropriate signage, which can help to keep your event organized while ensuring that your attendees are satisfied.

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Successful event planners understand the key role that proper signage plays in ensuring that attendees are able to easily get to and from all of the offerings your event may have. The brand elements should be part of the event long before the event arrives, as well as an interactive part of the overall event. Herts Signs provides the best service and management of event signage banners in Hertfordshire.

Some essential signs for events include: restrooms, stage, entrance/welcome, exit, parking, social activities or spots, lines, food & drinks, information kiosks, customer service, will calls, etc. And while they need to be functional and do their job, because they are such a strong visual element of any event, they can have a real impact too, lending a sense of fun to their functionality. Creative and well-made signages attract attention, please the eyes and make the experience more memorable.

Now that you know why signs are important, Herts Signs has come up with tips and ideas to make the most effective and appropriate signs for your upcoming events. We hope this gives you some food for thought and helps you plan a successful event. Have a look at signage prospects one must think about:

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Walk-through your venue:

Know your venue and location thoroughly before you start logistics of the event. This helps you create appropriate and precise signages, and also helps to utilize your creative streak for signage placements. Essential areas offer a wealth of opportunities for event signage. Gain an insight into the attendee experience, to provide them with a memorable time.

Develop a strategic plan and budget:

Signage is as functional and informative as it is fun and creative. Know what goes where, when and how; to utilize the most out of the event, venue and occasion. For example, there are areas that have high visibility and more traffic than others. It is also a cost effective way to send a message. Setting a budget will drive what areas can be branded and to what extent.

Covid Protocols:

Promote social distancing, health and safety awareness like: wear masks indoors, restrict number of people in certain areas like lift or restrooms, self-service or table service, maximum seating capacity, etc.

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Get creative with your designs:

Depending on your venue, there are a multitude of options and design ideas available for signages. Some general ideas include: wall fitted, wall hanging, 360 degree surround signs, floor graphics, see through window vinyl graphics, barrier displays, elevator and escalator displays, etc.

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Design Guidelines:

Use simple fonts easily readable, from a certain distance also. The size of the font matters, so does the size of the signage. Keep your artwork simple, clean and uncluttered. Be careful of reflective surfaces, especially at outdoor events, as the glare can make it difficult to read. Use materials suitable to the environment and atmosphere, for example materials that are waterproof, sun proof, light proof, reflective surfaces, certain colors and patterns, etc.

Stand out with innovative signage:

Think about how you can use your signage to make the most impact, impress your guests and optimize the attendee experience. Add a social media hashtag and sharing zone, photo opportunity backgrounds, social media walls, props, etc.

Go Digital:

Digital signage is an amazing way to put out information in a dynamic, trendy and eye-catching way, especially if your event is running for more than one day. It has the ability to update information in real time, which can genuinely engage with your audience. Supplier advertising and sponsors can also be reflected. Let Herts Signs cover your digital signages installation in Hertsfordshire.

Installation planning:

Keep in mind things like acquiring permits for certain installation of signages, calculating the time to put up all the signs, additional requirements for sign boards such as specific equipment, electric needs, manual labour; site access duration, insurance, safety protocols etc. Herts Signs has you covered in entire management. We provide the best outdoor and indoor events signage installation in Hertsfordshire.

In a world where marketing has become highly expansive and sophisticated, effective event signage must stand out and grab the attention of all attendees present. Every detail of your event will be remembered. Herts Signs has worked with multiple event companies over the years. With a huge variety of creative event signage ideas up our sleeve, our company of signage manufacturers in Hertfordshire has many ways to help you achieve your signage needs. Get in touch with us.

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