Our Top Six Guides To Having A Perfect Vehicle Graphics And Signage

Our Top Six Guides To Having A Perfect Vehicle Graphics And Signage

Looking for where to get your vehicle graphics done? HERTS Signs and Graphics Ltd got you covered. Be it cars, vans, trucks, or buses, we have a highly skilled and experienced team that can have your vehicle graphics done uniquely. We are known for vehicle graphics, car wrapping, and car window tinting in Hertfordshire. Our customers' reviews and satisfaction over the years have made us proud of our work.

What Is Vehicle Graphics, And Why Is It Important?

Vehicle graphics or signage is the application of a finished graphic on automobiles. These automobile graphics come in three main types: Auto vinyl graphics, partial vehicle wraps, and full vehicle wraps. All three have their benefits and specificity and it is important to understand their differences before deciding which is better for your project.

Importance Of Vehicle Graphics

Automobile graphics help showcase your business to potential customers who may not be aware of its existence. As your workers drive around in their vehicles, people get to read the signs and are more attracted to these designs than to your signposts. It is one of the fastest-growing marketing strategies. As professionals in car wrap in Hertfordshire, we'll help you wrap up your vehicles to match your company's brand.

We are often asked a few questions on the type of signage design to be done. Here's a summary of these questions and helpful answers from our team.

Frequently asked questions

1. How long does it take to have the vehicle ready to hit the road?

Your vehicles ranging from company cars to delivery vans, to truck fleets, to public transit, are vital to your business and may affect productivity if not in place. For this reason, we try as much as possible to minimize the length of time we take to get the graphics done. Simple standard graphics can be applied within 12hours. More complex designs can be applied in a day, depending on the type of graphics; Auto vinyl graphics, partial wrapping, or full wrap.

2. What elements should I consider in the details of the graphics?

When considering graphics designs for a commercial vehicle, there are a few essential things you should put into consideration: The graphics should be able to tell in a summary who you are(your brand identity), what you do, and how you can be reached. This gives a hint to the elements that are pivotal for a perfect and effective signage. Your graphics must contain your company's name, logo, contact information, and other imagery.

3. Where exactly do I put the graphics on my vehicle?

The rear and the sides of the vehicle are the most exposed and visible parts of every vehicle. If we are to consider the vehicle when it is on the road or parked, the roof and bonnet may not be noticeable except for an up view which is not common. Logically, it’s best to place your graphics on the sides of the vehicle using text sizes and fonts that can be read clearly from a few meters away.

4. What colors should I use?

The color of your vehicle must be in harmony with the colors of the graphics to be applied, as some colors do not go well together. The selection will be done with your brand colors in consideration to avoid using too many colors.

5. Will my vehicle be damaged by the graphics?

The ultimate answer to this is NO. Instead, it protects the original paint frame of your vehicle. To get your vehicle graphics removed efficiently, Let’s get in touch with us at HERTS Signs Group Hertfordshire.

6. How much will this project cost?

The cost is not specific. It varies depending on the type of vehicle, its size, and your graphics requirements. Simple designs cost a few hundred pounds, while a full car wrap in Hertfordshire goes for several thousand pounds. However, for any amount you pay, you can be sure you are getting much more in return. Vehicle graphics are a very effective advertisement strategy.

Our professional and highly proficient team is always available to answer your questions on anything related to vehicle graphics. Our services range from Vehicle graphics and signage designs to car wrapping, car window tinting, Shop signage, and large format printing. We find satisfaction in helping you get the market visibility you desire.

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