9 Outdoor Business Signs Ideas To Boost Your Brand


Businesses and brands are more than just it’s logos, services and products. They are an entire experience; a being of its own. How you promote your business will determine how consumers interact with you.Your brand’s retail experience should encompass everything. This includes ads, sales promotions, social media, website, and your signage. Signs are the most important elements of visual communication. They talk to customers on your behalf. The right custom business signs can help your business grow.

9 Outdoor Business Signs Ideas To Boost Your Brand

How are outdoor signs beneficial?

Communicating your message to customers is the core of corporate success. For any business’s custom advertising, outdoor signs are a popular choice. Outdoor signs serve several essential functions for a business that include drawing attention, attracting customers straight to the storefront, amplifying brand value, increasing sales and ROI. They also aim to promote brand awareness, provide a competitive edge and reflect the brand’s personality, professionalism and commitment. When compared to other traditional marketing methods, outdoor signs are sustainable, cost-effective, target the demographics, and are non-intrusive. Your business signs are often the first impression someone has on your business. You’ll want your message to leave a long-lasting impact on everyone that sees your business signs.

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What should your ideal business sign boards be like?

Professional custom outdoor signs can be unique, trendy, allowing your signs to showcase your company’s personality. When customers see your outdoor business signs, you want them to immediately recognize the quality of your products and services. The sign boards should be consistent, strategically placed in the right location, in good condition and up to date with correct information about your brand values and identity, with similar colors, logos and fonts. The signs should also be on point, with appropriate lighting styles. With the advancement of technology, you can now experiment a lot with your signage in terms of imaging, colors, lights, patterns, etc. Effective messages communicated creatively through good visuals can do wonders for your brand. Herts Signs understands the contribution of signages in business, and provides trusted service in signage installation in Hertfordshire.

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9 Outdoor Sign Ideas to Boost Your Brand:

With so many available options, picking the right kind of sign boards can become confusing and taxing. We have combined 9 amazing outdoor sign ideas to help you make the right choice for giving your brand image a professional make-over.

1. Channel Letters

Scintillate your business with this highly impactful outdoor business signage. Channel letters are customizable, individual 3D letters that are dynamic and eye-catchy. More often than not, these signs are illuminated and light up in several designs and options. They are directly mounted on a backing panel or wall. Channel-letter signs are an excellent choice for businesses whose well-known names make up a significant portion of the brand. This is a widely used outdoor business signage, with a 3D look accentuated by perfect lighting for your perfect brand.

2. Light Box Signs

Light box signs are a brightly effective way to illuminate your brand’s name and information. Add more visibility to your branding strategy that will work your advertising 24x7! Illuminated commercial signs will deliver your written message to a wider audience. They’re highly customizable and offer free-form styling options. Signs with a nighttime glow will double your branding efforts. With its stand-out box shape or other design, this signage will capture the attention of passersby easily. Herts Signs provides excellent Light-board signage service in Hertfordshire.

3. Pylon Signs

Pylon Signs are generally freestanding vertical signs, often designed with pillars or poles for supports. These tall, eye-catching signs provide even greater visibility on highways and streets. With its impressive size, this sign will be noticed by passersby even as they travel at high speeds. They have innumerous design options, and can have illumination, too. Pylon signs are often used as branding where there is not much space on the building facade, and also incorporate beautifully with your landscaping. Effectively catching the eye of folks, this signs stands out and breathes new life into your marketing strategy.

4. A-board Signs

An A-board pavement signs, or sandwich board, is used for advertising directly outside your business to increase footfall.These signs are an effective way to showcase stores’ promotions, new items, changes, directions, menus and special offers. They have multiple designs, are highly cost-effective and easily replaceable or editable. These signs are portable, have 2 sides and can hold longer texts. Sandwich boards are great outdoor signs for small and big businesses alike.

5. 3D Signs and Letters

Get custom 3D signs and letters to make your business pop. A 3D signs design really pops and offers a limitless number of shapes, fonts, colors, and dimensions to pick from. Effective ones are made size-appropriate to the exterior, and make the premise of your shop more inviting. These types of advertising displays make for the best outdoor signs ideas and are a very popular choice for any kind of enterprise.

6. Window and Wall Decals

Decals are an inexpensive solution to providing business information to your customers. These graphics can bring your most creative building signs ideas to life. They can easily be mounted to an outdoor wall or on windows without much space constraints. This medium is perfect for showcasing longer messages, temporary specials, vibrant graphics, promotions and any information you might want to give out. They have endless design and material options, though comparatively they have less impact on visibility and reach. They’re weather resistant and can help you showcase custom graphics indoors or outdoors.

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7. Monument Signs

Monument Signs are one of the most eye-catching and impressive outdoor business signs. Prominent and elegant, monument signs lend a hefty impact to your advertising and help gain attention in any crowd or large area.. These signs stand alone, and they’re usually only modestly tall. They come in a variety of customizable materials, styles and sizes.

8. Canopies

Canopies are one of the commercial building signage ideas that will help give your business an air of luxury and elegance. This product is a classic solution to branding your enterprise with style. They create a welcoming atmosphere around your venue and capture attention. Canopies have endless designs, styles and materials to choose from, can extend into outdoor space and provide as much information as you want on it, like promotions, timings, brand details, etc.

9. Customized Marquee Signs and Letters

Funk up your business venue with the name and logo in custom light-up marquee lettering and signs boards. This vintage-looking branding solution often includes flashing or scrolling lights or illuminated letters that give them a timeless appearance. This exquisite style attracts a lot of eyes to your business venue. Herts Signs is an ideal choice for your need for your Custom signage service in Hertfordshire.

How can Herts Sign help with your Outdoor Sign goals?

Herts Sign is a signage manufacturer in Hertfordshire, that help you showcase your brand and promotions around the clock․. We understand exterior business investments are an excellent tool to increase brand visibility in a tangible way to improve brand recognition. We provide custom signage services in Hertfordshire to look after your outdoor business signage needs, to make sure that your business remains on top of the mind of people.

In order to develop professional outdoor business signs, you need to work with a full signage service and installation company like Herts Signs. We are committed to providing clients with outstanding signs solutions and take pride in being able to create signage that truly captures each company’s unique elements. Reach out to us for a free quote and tell us more about your signage needs.


Investing in custom outdoor signs that strengthen your brand and make your business stand out is one of the best ways to get your business known as a landmark in your community. Displaying quality into your advertising will do wonders for you to make a meaningful impression, and fancy outdoor business signs help you achieve that. If the signs maker has put quality, creativity and hard work in their thinking, your business signage will create a great first impression of your business before a single door has been opened or a greeting made. Put your needs in the hands of the most trusted signage manufacturer in Hertfordshire.

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